Why Promotional Items Are Important For Small Business Brand Recognition

In last few years, small business have gained a lot traction in local communities. Customers want to shop local, and support people they know, their neighbors, and products and services they can trust. Even American Express has started a Small Business Saturday campaign encouraging¬† people to shop at their local small businesses. There is a whole new market for small businesses, but how can you ensure that you get repeat business and not just one-time walk in or a once year American Express shopper? You have to keep your brand top of mind, keep your name visible and constant in their daily errands, weekly chores, or dog walks. That’s where promotional items come in.

Sure, everyone has business cards they hand out to help people remember them and their business, but those get filed away. There are so many options now for useful, appropriate, and brandable items that will keep your customers thinking of you. Often, you can even find niche appropriate items that are extremely applicable to your key audience. For example, gyms will have branded water bottles, sweatbands, earbuds, or iPad holders. We worked with a local Photo Booth business on branding their customers USBs that hold the events photos. We found them a very brand appropriate wooden USB stick to go with their vintage oak Photo Booth. They could also brand their prop kits with logos on their hats and glasses.



Pet shops could have customer appreciation gifts with their logo front and center every time their customers walk their dogs or grab a treat with our promotional waste bag dispensers, dog bone tins, leashes, and toy balls.

Poop Bag

Tennis Balls

Keeping your business top of mind for your audience means more repeat business and stronger customer loyalty. Having these kinds of promotional products do just that and at very little cost to you for what your business has to gain. Let us know if we can help you find anything or answer any question about our items today!

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