Today Ham the Chimp; Tomorrow, You?

When space travel first began, people around the world marveled at the possibility of exploring the far depths of our universe. One lucky primate was shot into space, although he may not have been quite aware of the role he would play in history. On January 31, 1961, a chimpanzee was shot into space from the Holloman Air Force Base. Upon his successful return to Earth, the chimpanzee was named “Ham”.

One day we may all have the chance to be shot into space. Until then, we have to speculate about what Ham the Chimp experienced on his epic journey. Back in the 60s, nobody knew quite what to expect. There were some that thought Ham would run into space aliens, extraterrestrial beings that might or might welcome him into their homes. Everyone marveled at the space capsule that would hold Ham the Chimp as he traveled into unknown territory.

Thanks to his brave sacrifice, Ham the Chimp paved the way for astronauts on April 12, 1981. That date represents the first time that a fully-manned new spaceship was sent into space on a maiden voyage. Since then we have sent dozens of men and woman into space. Decades later and we are still learning new things about the sun, moon and stars that we can both see and exist galaxies away.

Can you imagine what we will learn decades from now?

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