These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: Cell Phone Stand Mailer

Like many of us today, I am tied to my cell phone.  I can’t image my life without it, and I still have a regular flip phone.  For those of you that have smart phones, like the iPhone (which I am dying to get), I believe the addiction is even worse.  Whenever I go anywhere I always make sure my phone is with me.  At work, my cell is on my desk, just in case someone needs to get a hold of me it’s always on and ready.

Which brings me to my favorite item of this week; the Cell Phone Stand Mailer.  This handy promotional product keep my phone upright and standing all day.  It’s meant for smart phones, but works for my regular cell too!  Even better, the holder itself ships flat and fits in No. 10 envelopes for easy mailing to all your customers.  The mailer is made of black leatherette material.  You can either imprint or deboss your logo for maximum exposure.  And maximum exposure is what you’ll get when your customers put these on their desks at work and look at your logo every time they glance at their phone!

So go ahead, ask me for a sample.  I’d love to send you one so that you can stare at our logo all day and think of Identity-Links for your next promotional item!

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