Stress Relievers… They’re Silly, But America Loves ‘Em

Stress Relievers

Walk down the aisles of any major American sponsored trade show or convention, and you’re sure to see at least a few exhibitors using custom printed stress relievers or stress balls to attract attention to their booth. According to industry statistics, Logo Stress Relievers is a $38 million dollar industry, and increasing every year.

Stress relievers have been in use since ancient civilizations for a wide range of medical uses. Apart from relieving stress, they were used to improve coordination, in treating arthritis, and improving the circulation of blood. Turns out that when the hand is made into a fist, there is some muscle tension. This muscle tension is experienced even if one not holding anything in the palm. When the fist grip is released, the muscle tension eases. This cycle of first creating muscular tension, and then releasing it is the principle behind the working of promotional stress relievers. The repetitive opening and closing of the fist helps tone and maintain hand and wrist muscles while relieving tension.

The ancients probably never imagined that stress relievers would come in over 900 different shapes; Or that they would morph into many unique stress relievers. Including key chain stress relievers, vibrating stress relievers, sound stress relievers (Yes, we have a cow stress ball that moos), or color changing logo stress relievers.

The newest generation of logo stress relievers have cut out centers, so they double as cell phone holders, and a metal clip embedded in the center, to hold notes and memos. New stress reliever designs are being added every year, and custom shaped product replicas are now available in quantities as low as 1500 units.

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