Searching For a Bright Marketing Idea? Try Promotional Sunglasses with Flair!

If you are like me, you are always searching for a pair of sunglasses. Whether you want something flashy, something functional or a pair that is somewhere in between, you are always on the hunt for the perfect pair of sunglasses. That is why I get so excited when one of my favorite companies features a sunglasses promotion. There is nothing better than a free pair of sunglasses that I can wear all year long. Of course, not just any pair will do! Take a peek below to see the latest and most popular styles of promotional sunglasses that we offer:

Wayfarer sunglasses: Everything that is old seems to be cool again, including Wayfarer sunglasses. Originally produced by Ray Ban in the 1950s, this style of glasses enjoyed a boost in popularity after being featured in “The Blues Brothers.” Thanks to the hipster generation, they have come back in full force and can be found in stores across the nation. We offer Wayfarer sunglasses in tye-dye, 80s inspiredneon bright, tortoise shell and so much more.  Some of our promotional Wayfarer sunglasses can be purchased for just 87 cents apiece!

Aviator sunglasses: Just like Wayfarers, aviator sunglasses are also making a serious comeback. Once popularized by Tom Cruise in “Top Gun,” you can find aviators everywhere from your local drugstore to the runways of fashion weeks across the world. These classic sunglasses feature a silver frame with tinted lenses that will seriously amp up your cool factor. Opt for a pair that offers 400 UV protection and your customers will put you above and beyond the competition.

Fashionista sunglasses: Think that promotional sunglasses have to be stodgy and boring? Think again! We offer a wide variety of sunglasses that are certain to make even the most fashionable men and women swoon. These fashionable sunglasses are perfect as promotional handouts for boutiques, fashion shows, store openings and so much more.

Sports sunglasses: Whether you are swinging a bat, playing frisbee or running a 5K, a quality pair of promotional sunglasses can improve your performance dramatically. These sleek sunglasses are usually form fitting and provide optimal sun protection for your eyes. We also offer a variety of sports-themed sunglasses that are both fun and practical. Perfect for football or basketball games, fans will look these unique glasses.

Goofy sunglasses: No matter what the occasion, Identity Links has the perfect pair of promotional sunglasses for you. Throwing a 70s-themed party? Try the hanging disco ball glasses. Hosting a concert? Your fans can rock out hard with guitar-shaped glasses. Our champagne-glass glasses are always a hit around the holidays while the illuminated clear LED sunglasses make any event that much cooler.

So what will you choose for your next marketing campaign? With over 100 pairs to choose from, we are confident that you will find the perfect pair to make your next marketing campaign a sure-fire hit.


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  1. Fashion trends come and go. I don’t know if you will see them on the rwauny in 2011, but I do know that the wayfarer is a classic and a staple. It can go with most everything and will look good. Also, be on the lookout for wayfarer styles from other brands. Ray Ban pioneered the look and you know what you get with them, but it’s always fun to find similar styles from a different brand, just so you stand out from the crowd.Also, if I had to guess, I would say they would be out in the world of fashionista’s, just because they’ve been in for the past couple years and the style has been commandeered by the hipster crowd to the point that they are almost cliche (at least within that group). But what do I know?!

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