Quit Smoking? Yikes! You Can Do It With the Right Promotional Tools

Did you know that for the past 30 years, Canadians have celebrated National Non-Smoking Week? Held each January, thousands of Canadians ban together to give up years of smoking and look forward to healthier lifestyles.

Of course, you don’t need to be a Canadian to know that giving up smoking can change your life forever. But if you are like most smokers, you have tried to kick the habit time and again to no avail. If you are are an organization that is looking to help people quit smoking, consider these promotional products that are certain to make the process a little easier:

Cigarette Box-Shaped Stress Reliever: Sometimes you just really want to give something a hard squeeze when you are frustrated. This unique promotional stress reliever is perfect for your customers who are trying to give up smoking. Shaped like the enemy, a perfect box of cigarettes, it feels so satisfying to give this a squeeze instead of rushing outside to puff on a new cigarette.

Reminder Pen: If you are at work thinking about how amazing a nicotine rush would feel right now, just one look at this “no-smoking” pen will steer you back on course.

Quit Smoking Information Booklet: Need a reminder of why you should give up smoking forever? Just pull out this booklet that is chock-full of information about the dangers of smoking. Sure, you know it is bad but one look at a cancer-riddled lung will set you back on track. Available in both English and Spanish.

Chocolate: You need something to replace the cigarettes, right? This sweet box of chocolates features both delicious chocolates and nuts that are perfect for munching on all day long. Sure, you might put on a few pounds in the process of giving up smoking but it will be worth it in the long run.

Exercise Kit: Need something to replace that good ole’ nicotine feeling? Exercise is a healthy and effective way of releasing endorphins and making your body feel good. This promotional exercise kit has everything you need to work out your frustrations and get rid of those extra chocolate pounds.


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