Quick Mid-Day Quiz: What Do Rod Stewart, Pat Benatar and Frank Sinatra Jr. Have in Common?

The answer to this question seems easy at first. They are all famous musicians that have all made singing and song-writing contributions to a variety of musical genres. Yet there is one more thing that they all share.

Can’t figure it out?

They were all born on January 10th. Today!

So we sat down and brainstormed about what type of cool and funky promotional birthday gifts we could give these talented artists. Not just anything will do for these musical geniuses. That is why we culled through our vast inventory to pick five items that would certainly knock their socks off:

Noise Canceling Headphones: These imprinted headphones are all the rave for music enthusiasts. Not only are they comfortable and stylish but they work to reduce ambient noise by as much as 15 dB at 200 Hz.

Portable Speaker System: Pat, Frank and Rod could seriously rock out to this portable yet ultra-cool speaker system. Just attach your iPod or any MP3 player to hear the rocking oldies or latest beats.

iPad Case with Battery Extender: Anybody who is anybody owns an iPad, right? That is why our musical icons are certain to love this special case. Not only does it protect your iPad from wear and tear but extends the battery life. Perfect for musicians (and executives, world travelers and gadget geeks) that are always on the go, you can watch hours of your favorite concert from anywhere.

Unisex Watch: Musicians are notorious for being late to gigs. Why? Maybe they just need a reliable yet snazzy wristwatch. This sleek watch is durable enough to withstand hours of rocking out but comfortable enough to never want to remove.

Personalized Flask: Perfect for post-concert celebrations and for long recording studio sessions, this flask is small enough to fit in your coat, purse or back pocket.

Planning ahead for birthdays can make gift-giving that much easier. With so many options to choose from, you can easily find a promotion product that conveys your message of gratitude for continued customer loyalty while promoting your brand in a sleek and stylish way. Not sure where to start? Contact one of our sales representatives to get some promotional gift-giving ideas.

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