Protect Your Personal Information with Promotional RFID Blocker Sleeves

Are you one of those people who groans when you see someone pulls out a check book at the supermarket? Thanks to ever-changing technology, we can make purchases online and in person in just minutes. However, the speed and ease with which we can make purchases comes with a price. Hackers and identity thieves are able to obtain your identity and other personal information thanks to RFID chips.

What is a RFID chip?

This is a super thin microchip that is inserted into a device to make the relaying of information faster than ever. While these chips have generally been used on larger items, such as cars and livestock, they are making their way into mainstream culture. Several credit card companies are working with national brands to develop RFID technology that can make the consumer’s life easier. For example, 7-11 is working with Mastercard to develop a touch-free payment system that will obtain your payment data without having to ever swipe a card.

Sounds great, right?

Although it is fast and easy, this free flow of data means that people who want to steal that information have more avenues to do so.  In order to protect your personal information and prevent identity fraud, there is a simple step you can take that can make all the difference.  The promotional  RFID Block Credit Card Sleeve is designed to keep your information safe while on the go. If you leave your RFID-enabled card unprotected, you risk the possibility of having your information stolen by someone who has access to RFID reading devices.

Your customers will appreciate not only your grasp of changing technologies but your concern for their safety. When you give your customers a promotional RFID card sleeve, they will be able to move about freely without worrying about having their identity stolen. Made from a special process using alloys, this sleeve will keep your data safe from hackers around the world. This sleeve has been approved under FIPS 201, the Federal Information Processing Standard, as outlined by the federal government.

Searching for the next big promotional item? Order RFID credit card sleeve blockers now and you will find yourself with an even stronger customer base that trusts your instincts.

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