As the writer of our items on Identity-Links, I’m constantly coming across new knick-knacks I find fun, interesting, and cute.  At the mere sight of an especially hilarious bobble-head or furry pen, I’m reduced to my 10 year old self that had a special basket for a collection of keychains right next to the beanie… Read Article →

Well, a lot depends on whom you ask. The Fortune 50 Executive would consider a debossed leather writing portfolio as a suitable imprinted executive gift, while the outreach director at the local church would go for the $.40 refrigerator magnet listing the service times.  The college recruitment director will say it refers to imprinted highlighters,… Read Article →

In the fashion-fickle, what’s-in what’s-out world, what is here today is often not here tomorrow. Not so, however, in the case of leather. Leather has been covering human bodies since hefty pelts first protected cave-dwellers. Since then, we have chiseled and crafted leather into an infinite number of forms, shapes and functions, and designers and… Read Article →

Walk down the aisles of any major American sponsored trade show or convention, and you’re sure to see at least a few exhibitors using custom printed stress relievers or stress balls to attract attention to their booth. According to industry statistics, Logo Stress Relievers is a $38 million dollar industry, and increasing every year.

Back in the promotional dark ages, when Mark Siegel, founder of Identity–Links started his career, things moved a little bit slower than a fast moving snail. Siegel likes to relate to the new sales associates, how orders were processed when he began in 1971. The clients’ logo would actually be printed on letterhead, or if… Read Article →

USA Today recently ran a feature article about the rising use of hand sanitizers. Back in the early 80’s, when Purell had the market all to them selves, hand sanitizers were a “behind the scenes” product. Back then, if a business provided hand sanitizers, it would raise questions about cleanliness. Today, it’s just the opposite…. Read Article →

Corporate America’s focus for 2008 will continue to be about protecting the environment, conservation, and “going green”. The promotional products industry has jumped onto the bandwagon in supplying a wide range of environmentally correct promotional products. With several of the world’s most prominent issues being global warming, the energy crisis, and sustainable resources, each company… Read Article →

The new marketing buzzword is pizzazz. Whether on the trade show floor, or upscale mall, a custom logo metallic shopping bag is a sure way to add pizzazz to your marketing image. The introduction of metallic shopping bags has gotten the attention of major retailers, who view their store’s shopping bags as walking billboards of… Read Article →

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