Leprechauns, Shamrocks and Green Beer: Buying Promotional Products for St. Patrick’s Day

If you live in Chicago, there is nothing quite like celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. The town goes wild when the Chicago River is dyed green, the streets fill with revelers during the parade and the bars get extra-crowded. With so much Irish heritage in Chicago, it is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. If you are searching for ideas for your next St. Patrick’s Day or Irish-themed party, check out the list below:

Shamrock Foam Hats: Nothing says “I Love Ireland” like these massive foam hats. Each one is shaped like a top hat and features a large shamrock on the side. Although you may prefer to keep it is green, you can order these promotional foam hats in a variety of colors.

Shamrock Sunglasses: It simply is not a St. Patrick’s Day party until someone dons a pair of these festive sunglasses. They are so much fun that you may be tempted to wear them all year long.

Color Changing Beer Stein: Drink your Guinness in style with this unique color-changing beer stein. Simply add your favorite beer – Guinness, of course! – and watch the stein change colors. Since it is made of plastic, it is perfect for rowdy parties celebrating a certain patron saint.

Flashing Clover Leaf Button: Show everyone that you have the Irish spirit with this light-up clover leaf button. With the batteries already included, all you need to do is activate the flashers and the party will begin!

Ireland Flag Pen: Keep Ireland in your heart all year long with this pen featuring an Irish flag.

Irish Coffee Mug: Make your morning cup o’ joe even more exciting when you sip it from this classic Irish coffee mug. Not reserved just for the morning hours, you can serve your guests more adult drinks at night by adding whiskey.

Clover Leaf Plant: Did you spend hours searching for 4-leaf clovers as a kid? Now you can spend your office hours doing the same thing from your own desk with this nifty clover leaf plant.

Gold Chocolate Bar: If you are unable to find your own rainbow bearing a pot of gold at the end, this chocolate bar wrapped in a gold wrapper is nearly as good. It certainly will taste better!

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