Leather: From Cave-Man to Corporate-Man

Leather Executive Gifts

In the fashion-fickle, what’s-in what’s-out world, what is here today is often not here tomorrow. Not so, however, in the case of leather.

Leather has been covering human bodies since hefty pelts first protected cave-dwellers. Since then, we have chiseled and crafted leather into an infinite number of forms, shapes and functions, and designers and artisans continue to create stunning leather pieces crafted as fine as precious jewels.

Our love of leather is based on a primal desire to cherish all things natural. Leather is a living material sculpted by the body’s own habits. Its look, feel, and even smell is affected by who we are, and what we do. And leather truly has run the gamut of styles in the 20th century. It has managed to represent attitudes form the tough virility of the Hell’s Angels to the sleek and sexy elegance of smooth-thigh leather boot with stiletto heels. From the alley-way to the run-way, leather continues to be the material that conforms to our personalities.

In the 21st century, leather, like diamonds, signifies elegance, style, and class. The corporate gift industry has not figured out a way yet to economically use diamonds in their gift plans, dut they sure have come up with a number of neat ways to promote leather as the ultimate custom printed executive gift. Today, debossed leather laptop bags and portfolios are the most popular gift choice for Sr. level managers. Custom leather toiletry bags, conference folders and passport holders have also gained popularity as meeting gift mementos. Low cost leather promotional products, such as leather bookmarks and coasters continue to be popular as trade show handouts.

Identity–Links continues to lead the promotional products gift industry with new, personalized leather gifts. Recent product introductions are the leather mouse pad, leather book ends, leather photo frames, and leather cell phone holders. Who knows what’s next… corporate logo diamond necklaces?

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