Learn How to Keep Your Ticker Ticking During American Heart Month

Did you know that your lifestyle can have a dramatic impact on the health of your heart? By changing just a few things in your life you can reduce your risk for heart disease and prolong your life. Whether you are a doctor encouraging patients to live healthier lives, a coach teaching athletes about heart disease or a teacher that wants to instill healthy heart habits early, there are dozens of promotional products to help deliver your message.

Diet is one of the most important ways to maintain a healthy heart. When we are so busy rushing around everyday between home, work, school and family, it can be tough to eat right. That is why a recipe book designed specifically for healthy hearts is just what every kitchen needs. The Health Smart Recipes book is the perfect promotional handouts for cardiologists, nutritionists and for weight-loss programs. It features tons of recipes and smart-eating tips to keep your heart happy and healthy for a long time.

Once you start working on your diet, you will then need to think about including exercise into your regular routine. There are so many ways to introduce exercise into your daily routine that are quick and easy. If you aren’t prepared to go for a jog just yet, strap on a pedometer and go for a long walk. Get your heart pumping with a jump rope that even features hearts on the handles. Stuck at work? Stash an exercise band in your desk drawer to relieve stress and get a quick workout.

Combining an improved diet with regular exercise is just the key to losing weight. Since obesity is a leading cause of heart disease, it is important to maintain a healthy weight in order to prevent heart disease. Keep track of your body mass index thanks to this handy BMI Pen. Used by doctors across the country, it features an easy-to-use BMI index as well as the date, time and calendar.

When you have conquered diet and exercise, the last major step towards heart health is reducing your stress level. You can do this by keeping a silly stress reliever in your pocket, brief or desk drawer at all times. Give it a squeeze whenever you feel your anxiety rising and your heart will thank you.


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