Keytags… Your Key to Successful Promotions

As the writer of our items on Identity-Links, I’m constantly coming across new knick-knacks I find fun, interesting, and cute.  At the mere sight of an especially hilarious bobble-head or furry pen, I’m reduced to my 10 year old self that had a special basket for a collection of keychains right next to the beanie babies. I know I’m not alone,  keychains put all of our inner childs on orange alert, with indisputable classics like a keychain rubix cube,  and the mini etch-a-sketch!

As I recall the “martian popping thing” toy with bulging blue eyes keychain that my 5th grade teacher ordered me to take off of my backpack zipper, my unyielding obsession falls into relapse. Here I commence a duly appropriate 5th grade history story:

The history of the keychain is such: It all began with Benjamin Franklin tying a key onto a kite.  Ever since he felt a shock from a key tied to his kite, extending through a string and onto the back of his knuckles, he remarked, “what if electricity could be held in a kind of wound coil shape, using energy emitted from earth’s magnetic fields?” Before he could allow his ideas to gestate, he was struck with a realization- screw the (yet to be named Tesla coil) magnetic energy coil, this wound wire is the perfect reminder for everyone to know what I’m all about. “I’m the genius with the key on the kite!  I’ll spread word from the mountaintops! People will attribute my name with the key that gave me fame!”

Hence, the first promotional key-chain was born. Yet, of course, the key-chain isn’t what Ben Franklin wanted to be famous for. Instead, he wished to be leveled by his greatest achievement, the discovery of electricity. With this keychain that we all hold on a daily basis, Ben holds the power of branding his name. Despite Ben Franklin’s notorious reluctance to forge patents for any of his pioneering achievements(or perhaps he was embarrassed by his other achievements–just who wants to be known for creating something as dreaded as bi-focal glasses?), we all identify his name with his “product”, or service.   The legend of the keychain– we are reminded in our day to day lives keychain=key on kite=electricity=Ben Franklin!

Especially when they’re more than just a wire coil, also aren’t just miniature versions of popular toys as detailed above– they can also be very handy multi-purpose tools. Take for instance our digital photo keychain,  which is a great gift for clients to keep family pictures on the go while resisting photo damage from weather or worse–purse damage.  A professional gift with an accessibly personal flair, something like a digital picture key tag is a great way to commemorate an event with personal photos stored on arrival, such as from a wedding or reunion.  Digital picture frames are still on the cutting edge- something that not everyone has but are impossible to turn down, especially at a reasonable cost.  Additionally there are all kinds of highly functional key-chains with attached tools like mini flashlights, box cutters, tape measures, tire gauges, especially popular USB key-chains, you name it. Some light-up key-chains are more straightforward than personalized, while others have a clever sense of fun like this dual function car key-chain, or for example our entire category of soft touch LED key tag lights which come in personalized shapes from auto belt to golf cart, or, my personal favorite, jukebox shaped. Just attribute that to our astonishing selection– one would be hard pressed to find a professional field we didn’t have an LED key tag light for.

The granddaddy of all key chains is arguably the carabiner keychain. It’s a simple enough design that even Benjamin Franklin could have designed it! Kidding. Stemming from the German “karabinerhaken”, it was originally used as a tool for “carbines”, civil war-era guns which themselves are smaller versions of rifles. Certainly a far cry from the mountain climbing roots you imagine it having, right? Eventually they became indispensable for mountain climbers, and sooner than later, even the average desk worker wanted to use the rings for fastening water bottles to their belt loops. Outdoor sensibility in the workplace? For an outdoor-ready item like the keychain, “outdoor” might as well be synonymous with “versatile” or just plain “handy”!

Essentially, you don’t have to be a kid or a mountain climber to find the key-chains at Identity-Links delightful. You most likely need a sense of humor or the desire for something versatile and accessible to advertise your company. You know where to find our wide selection of keychains!  But if you’re haunted by elementary school flashbacks of confiscated key chains from your 5th grade teacher, we can’t be held responsible.

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