Identity-Links Promotes a Germ-Free America


USA Today recently ran a feature article about the rising use of hand sanitizers. Back in the early 80’s, when Purell had the market all to them selves, hand sanitizers were a “behind the scenes” product. Back then, if a business provided hand sanitizers, it would raise questions about cleanliness. Today, it’s just the opposite. Promotional hand sanitizers are being offered by thousands of businesses; from health clubs and schools to restaurants and supermarkets.

The popular web site, even recommends that parents pack a little bottle of alcohol based instant hand sanitizers in their children’s lunch box or back pack. The kids put on a little squirt, and a few seconds later the gel evaporates along with the bulk of flu-causing germs.

Pediatric News, the leading newspaper for pediatricians, also did a huge spread about how alcohol based hand gels improve hygiene. Benefits of alcohol based hand sanitizers have been widely endorsed by the CDC, and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.

The math is simple. Since 2003 the instant hand sanitizer market has seen double digit increases. Today it is a $75 million industry, and perfectly suited for promotional tie-ins. The savvy marketer can now brand over 45 different types of promotional hand cleaners and sanitizers with their corporate message or logo.

Many of the products, like our best selling sfc55 are available with full color custom logos and graphics, to give them a dignified retail appearance. Logo hand sanitizer buyers choose from carabiner styles, lanyard sanitizers, spray sanitizers, scented or plain sanitizers, and even key ring hand sanitizers. All with custom logos.

As the market for custom imprinted instant hand cleaners continues to grow, Identity-Links will stay at the forefront of product developments. Identity recently introduced the hand cleaner/lens cleaner combination, and a unique promotional hand sanitizer vial with a spray on one end, and custom logo pen on the opposite end.

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