Identity-Links Invites You to Hop Aboard the Universal Serial Bus

Come transfer data the easy way with promotional USB flash drives!

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus, though the U could just as easily stand for “ubiquitous”. USB, the universal serial bus to the technological horizon, has dramatically simplified our transfer of data, hot on the heels of our recent explosion in portable wireless devices and high speed internet which have equally afforded the mass public instant access to information and communication.  The USB is just a touchstone of a data accessibility revolution, making the purchase of computer accessories like keyboards and microphones exponentially more accessible to consumers.  No longer do buying these accessories aggravate the average PC purchaser, making them feel like a tourist trying to plug their hairdryers into European prong outlets…

Imagine a commodity like the iPod that only worked on Macs- either the iPod would have sunk into the quicksand of mp3 player innovations, or they would have unfairly monopolized the PC market, in the unlikely event that any rightminded consumer wouldfork over the 1,500 dollars for a Mac in order to have the convenience of a 300 dollar music player.   The USB eradicates this outlandish scenario by universalizing the outlets of your computer, and, ahem, begs for other industries to follow suit- my Identity-Links memo to phone companies–wouldn’t it be neat if you suddenly decided to universalize phone chargers?   Replacing 30 dollar cell phone chargers is about as much fun as a parking ticket…then again, Identity-Links has the convenient solution of a custom USB universal phone charger that costs a fraction of that.

Speaking of phones, which have just transitioned and are working on standardizing a 3G network, the USB is undergoing a similar and just as exciting makeover to a third technological “generation”.  USBs are upgrading from 2.0 to 3.0, catapulting their available memory size to 5 Gb/s, instead of the prior  480 Mb/s of USB 2.0.  3.0 will also make charging ten times faster, which in turn allows ridiculous transfer times like 25 Gb in 70 seconds (specifically 4.8 Gb per second). My iTunes library takes up 30 Gb/s, and in perspective- that’s 15 days of music.  15 days of music, or 30 Gb/s, transferred in just over a minute is beyond astounding.

Do faster charge times make it greener? (and not just in the young green sense or billfold green sense). Additionally, USB 2.0 had an unseemly habit of “checking in” with your computer while connected, whether they were being used or not.  USB 3.0 has a built-in sleep mode, and uses “signaling protocol” that eliminates the need for this drain of power.  However, USB’s often depend on your PC as its power source; the amount of power used by the USB depends on its technological parasitic host, your computer.  Your sleep mode settings on your laptop or PC will inevitably save more power than any other effort.

Apple will presumptively follow suit of the hugeness of USB 3.0 and exclusively abandon Firewire across the board as they have with recent models, especially considering USB 3.0’s new ability to charge wireless devices 10 times faster than before.  However, some speculation argues that Firewire is getting a second wind.  Its “interface” has remained the same for the past 12 years but has now gotten a nod to increase its bandwidth with both Gbit increased models the S1600 and the S3200.Firewire, USB, and now even Blu-Ray recorders are steadily hot on USB’s tail for the most info/power surged in a “flash”.

USB 3.0 will be introduced in 2009 under the commercial name “SuperSpeed”, in which case I think they should keep us waiting a couple more months until they come up with a less dorky sounding name, and as a writer I oppose to their lack of a thread to the original “flash”. (How about, instead, superflash, quickflash, winkflash, or splish splash flash?) They will be “backwards compatible” to all your old USB 2.0s, so you won’t have to upgrade all the custom USB accessories you may have bought with Identity-Links. Our most popular model is without a doubt our Spin USB drives, USB003 available in a veritable rainbow of colors.  Its sister model, the rush USB,  also has a swivel cover that’s the USB’s answer to the flip phone.  If you previously made a considerable investment pimping out your company’s custom USB 2.0s with  Swarovski crystals, you needn’t worry once the compatible USB 3.0 emerges… I’d rue the day I if I had to say goodbye to these sparkly keepsakes.

Until USB 3.0 or USB SuperSpeed (the name of which I beg they change) is commercially available, Identity-Links insists on being your prime source for custom logo USBs and USB hubs that will help broadcast your company’s name and give you visibility every time an employee decides to transfer an item from their work computer.  Some of my personal favorites are the custom food shaped USB’s, which almost make me think the back of my hard drive has a magical harvest of shrimp sushi.

Finally, we have a wide host of sleek USB accessories to bedazzle the dull desk space.  Custom USB mug warmers, custom USB fans and lights, custom USB light up speakers and glitter lamps are all available with your logo imprint.

We at Identity-Links look forward to fitting your company’s custom USB flash drive needs.

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