Heed Our Advice – Adhering Your Promotional Notepad to Results

Post It Notes

Post-it notes, or adhesive notepads, have long branched out from the iconic 3″ X 5″ canary yellow sticky of the 1980s.  They now come in a variety of customizable shapes, colors and options, and with the recent opportunity of full color processed notepads, with options of size and style that will flatter your company’s logo and promotional needs.  The run of the mill Post-It may now be taken for granted as a mundane, forgettable sunshine colored fleck atop any desktop, yet it’s still our heartiest defense against our crashing, virus-infected computers eating up vital late-night brainstorms, or the phone number for your anesthesiologist.

The Post-It Note materialized in the late seventies as an innovative breakthrough to everyday creative dementia. By the early 80s, the commodity was teetering on “household name” status, holding an enviable product name authority along with Kleenex or Spam. Consumers realized that with these stickies that their reminders, phone numbers and dates don’t need to get lost in the folds of thick planners.  They realized that, despite anyone’s best intentions or proficient organization skills, forgetfulness is the Achilles’ heel of almost all of us. Much of what we do remember is clotted excess we naively hope will be useful, like the names of guest characters on Full House or, arguably, who the creator of Post-Its was;  Art Fry of 3M created the innovation with a bland glue in order to keep track of bookmarked pages in a heavily tagged book, his hymnal.

With all due respect to Art Fry, insidious information about who created the Post-It and for what reason is sure to clutter the crannies of your cranium, along with the trivia that Post-Its were used as the main exposing weakness of Romy and Michele’s naiveté in the blockbuster hit, Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, or as the detestable break-up method on an (I guess) memorable Sex and the City episode.

Meanwhile, like my own wandering cerebral video golf, your tangential form of thinking may cause you to neglect even the Internet search that led you to this article, the parking ticket at the bottom of your purse, or given these desperate times, the next meeting with your parole officer.  Movable information for the visual learner saves you from the visual fatigue of thickly jotted notes hiding in your portfolio, and allowing you to see the Big Picture when necessary.

Arguably, the Post-It is a meme that anticipated the technological age of hypertext linking, the most modern way to mimic our neuron connections in a visual format. Consider how often we see detectives on cop shows moving post-its around on a heavily perforated bulletin board, aligning known evidence from a tangled web of clues to a perfectly solved puzzle; they easily move notes around a visual space. This re-stickable, flexible organization on a wall or desk involves our tactile senses without burying the info under a computer’s various application windows.  Computer displays are essentially too cluttered, especially during a busy work day.

Identity-Links has hundreds of adhesive memo flags (mini post-its) and customizable adhesive note-pads, not all of them necessarily bearing the commodity trademarked Post-it name.  Many of our styles offer your Full-Color logo. Be assured that a promotional notepad will have high visibility.  As with all promotion, presentation counts!  The more beautiful you make your promotional post-it notes with Identity-Links, the more eye-catching and, in turn, life-saving you’ll be to your next absent-minded customer in their time of need.

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