Halloween Promotional Products That Are So Well-Priced, It’s Scary!

If you are like many people, Halloween is one of your favorite non-official holidays. You stock up candy in advance, think about your costume for months and can’t wait until you see the first Halloween decorations come out. Of course, when you run a business oriented towards kids, Halloween is an important event that you cannot forget about. With summer drawing to a close, it is time to start thinking about how you will celebrate Halloween while promoting your brand. In order to help you choose which Halloween-themed promotional products are best for your company, check out our latest and best-priced promo products that are certain to make your customer shriek with joy:

Coloring Books and Activity Pads: Ideal for school events and medical offices, our selection of Halloween-themed promotional activity pads and coloring books will keep your smallest customers busy for hours. Pair them with our promotional crayon packets and you will have happy customers for life.

Reflective and Flashing Accessories: Keep your kids safe this year while trick-or-treating with our line of promotional reflective and flashing accessories. Kids will love the reflective slap bracelet which can be used all year long, while parents will appreciate the extra protection that our flashing strobe pins can offer.

Shaped Pens and Pencils: Change upĀ  your writing routine by using one of our promotional shaped pens or pencils geared towards Halloween. You will find pens and pencils shaped like witches, pumpkins, ghosts and mummies, all of which can be ordered at prices that will not scare you.

Stress Relievers: Even though Halloween is actually loads of fun, it is always nice to have a stress reliever handy when times get tough. We have gathered a fun collection of Halloween promo stress relievers that are certain to put a smile on your face, including the glow-in-the-dark ghost, spider, skull and imprinted spooky mask duck stress reliever.

Weepuls: Small, furry but oh-so-cute, our collection of Halloween-themed promo Weepuls. We offer four Weepuls that are perfect for Halloween promotions: the spider, witch, bat and spider. At less than 60 cents per unit, these fuzzy Weepuls will not break your budget.

Witch Hats: No Halloween would be complete without a few witches running around. These imprinted witch hats can be customized to display your company logo for Halloween or any magic-themed event.


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