Flip the Switch on Light-Up Promotions

Promotional Light Up LED Products

Gain Promotional Leverage with a Luminous Light Up with Your Company’s Label!

Don’t flip your lid looking high and low for the next promotion to flip flop your business from bottom to top.  Eye grabbing light-up promotions are tried and true, and there’s no reason to retire them from representing your trade!  That’s why Identity-Links proudly procures the finest light-up promotions, props for your trade show presentation that will plank the competition and plop you in the number one spot.  We have a wide range of LED light up, blindingly bright custom giveaway gifts.  We also back up our featured, industry exclusive products with attentive sales executives that respond to your needs and delve their creative resources to provide you with a custom logo imprinted light up that sufficiently represents you, your logo, or your message.

Polka dot carabiner lights can pull pedestrian customers to your covered card table at the next promotional trade show.  The chunky cuties are sure to keep your company from getting crusty and cantankerous.  Though an admittedly simple design, the lit up visual effect is a sure cure to compete against other keychain giveaways.  We carve your company’s name, logo, or motto message in the top, right under the color carabiner.  This popular model is only scraping the surface of over sixty of our popular light up pens.  Go ahead and feast your eyes on the office supplies that will make you want to trash your Fluorescents in favor of the new luminous lights attached to your pen!  They make for a fine trade show giveaway, suitable for any industry.  The bouncing light up pen is probably popular with youngsters, as the bouncy ball at the top has it bouncing back into their grip every time they put it down!

Our most popular promo item is also the most fluid, fitting into every imaginable industry and also into the palm of your hand.    Our category of key tag lights under Key chains can shed light on the dim-lit cars or dingy locks of countless customers, with custom tactile designs that are cushy when squeezed, and also light up with a strong LED bulb.  Hand held and useful, they’re perfect for stumbling home after an overtime day at the office to a dark-lit doorway.  Harness the power of light with a light up house real estate key tag light, for example, or a fix-it gift giveaway for a repairman’s promotion in the shape of a tool box.  There are also custom car promotions in several models, whether they’re tire-shaped, rear end shaped, auto belt shaped, or muscle car shaped!  When you’re the marketing representative held liable for the next company promotion, consider these pliable, tactile LED key tag lights that are custom cut, and a reliable step in branding your company.

If you’re looking for something a little more hypnotic, party promoters and corporate beverage campaigners need to hip themselves to our custom light-up drinkware that make all other custom logo pint glasses jump ship!  Identity-Links’ newly minted light up glasses category has every size and make of promotional barware- 12 oz., 16 oz., wine glasses, martini glasses, even daiquiri glasses that all feature custom stems in the shapes of parrots, palm trees, fish in the sea, casino dice, cactus cocktails, guitars, and horses.     They also come with the light-up option of white, rainbow LEDs, or a variety of other color lights. The themed custom stems are of course perfect for those who drink like fish and need light to lend to their beer goggles, and impress those in a ripe, already impressionable state of gleeful drink guzzling with the giveaway gift that will have them go giddy.

Other popular light-up gifts for party promoters include the light-up buttons that are a fun, if somewhat dizziness-inducing accessory for any night out.  Where light up glasses leaves off, our light-up buttons & necklaces category proudly picks up.  We offer custom bottle shaped light up necklaces, custom star and heart shaped light up necklaces, even light up necklaces shaped in all 50 states (excepting the fledgling islands, of course) that are the perfect party promo that can be placed on a crowd of plastered state school sports fans.  Other party accessories like custom light-up straws, ice cubes, and centerpieces are all proudly featured in our light-up party items category.

At Identity-Links, we hope to pull you out of the dark, cavernous giveaways that plague your prior Promotional Light Up LED efforts, and into the light.

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