Eco Tote Bags and A Whole Lot More

Eco Bags

Corporate America’s focus for 2008 will continue to be about protecting the environment, conservation, and “going green”. The promotional products industry has jumped onto the bandwagon in supplying a wide range of environmentally correct promotional products. With several of the world’s most prominent issues being global warming, the energy crisis, and sustainable resources, each company is looking to do their part to contribute to the cause.

Identity-Links is proud to be a part of this movement, by offering the industry’s most complete line of environmentally friendly promotional items. As leaders in the promotional industry, we have our finger on the pulse of corporate and small-business America, being the first to bring you the newest and most cutting edge custom promo items. From eco-friendly bags and hemp journals to recycled circuit boards, we believe that being environmentally friendly is not merely a trend, but a necessity. Our eco-friendly promotional products are high-quality, stylish, and fashionable. Make sure your company is promoting not only its products and services, but its commitment to our planet.

Identity Links has recently introduced retail’s hottest new eco friendly material to the promotional products buyer. It is the brand new Eco Tote Bag, made out of 100% Jute. Jute is an all-natural material made from plant fibers with as many, if not more, possible uses as cotton. It is one of the prime eco-friendly materials and is entirely durable and reusable for years and years. The Eco Tote Bag comes in several different color combinations, has a large side pocket, and convenient handles for over the shoulder wear. The Eco Tote Bag is only one of the many wonderfully chic eco-friendly bags. This bag can serve many purposes: purse, shopping bag, grocery bag, etc. The list just goes on and on!

The Identity links Environmentally Friendly Product Category also features more environmentally friendly logo bags to carry your sports equipment, baby gear, holiday gifts, and more! Identity Links, is constantly adding new recycled products to its promotional tote bag collection, and pledges to continue being first to market with the newest Going Green Promotional items.

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