Corner the Market on Biodegradable Corn Plastic Promotions

Corn Plastic

Consider Our Veritable Cornucopia of Guilt Free Biodegradable Plastic Promotions

Bend your husked ears to this startling figure- packaging alone requires 200,000 barrels of oil a day in the US.  Promotional items undoubtedly figure into this corporate catastrophe–consider all the poly bags that your promotional items are packaged in, and the amount of petroleum funneling into your fun promotional giveaway pen.   Don’t forget the planet’s environmental woes, and forgo the plastic promo that will never biodegrade and reside in a landfill forever.  To start, check out our bright and vibrant destresser bobblehead pens that deliver a fun audio message with your promotional message adjacent to the grip!

Earmark these biodegradable corn plastic promotions that are even more readily biodegradable than biodegradable polypropylene.  Identity-Links is indiscriminate to all kinds of biodegradable eco friendly promos, such as our range of over 700 different biodegradable polypropylene stress relievers.  Corn plastic isn’t quite as pliable as the polypropylene foam, and in fact has a hard consistency some find surprising.

The promotional industry has traditionally been on the cutting edge of the newest products on the market- the second that an environmental innovation hits the trade show circuit, marketing professionals and promoters are Wal-Mart recently began packaging some of its produce in corn plastic bags, a landmark corporate leadership following smaller companies like Newman’s Own.   Corn plastic’s virtues are veritably as abundant as the crop itself- for one their production requires a small fraction of the petroleum other plastics use, and emits far less greenhouse gases when they are formed and disposed of- they emit zero dioxin, or “carbon neutral”.

The choice of Corn plastic is a promotion at the vanguard of innovation with a high perceived value for the eco-friendly crowd, which also shows your company to be voluntarily environmental.  Many of our corn plastic promos advertise not only your company’s name but also touts the composition of the product.  Identity-Links features corn plastic promotional giveaways that are either a vibrant yellow corn color or are shaped like corn.  Corn plastic clipboards will help you corner the market on environmental activists, door to door campaigners, or possibly the accessory of choice for upcoming census takers.  Corn shaped corn plastic letter openers are an eco-friendly desktop giveaway with bright colors that are hard to misplace!   Corn plastic is also ideal for agricultural innovators responding to the high demand for their booming new product!  With the next harvest, they could do well to compliment the burgeoning fields with a budget-friendly promotional corn plastic pen!

Want to lure potential customers with the promise of food at your next promotional trade show? Provide the provisions in a 12 or 16 oz. corn plastic beverage cup, complete with lids that will make them feel okay about the disposable containers.  For restaurants who want to make a lasting, branding professional impression, check out the corn plastic take-out containers that keep your customers from creating food waste and pollutive Styrofoam waste, all while creating an image of environmental responsibility for your food service company!   Want a corn plastic promo that will cover more ground than the cornfields themselves?  Consider this high visibility corn plastic travel mug that will be visible from the corner store to the train to the office.

When it comes to a smart eco-friendly promotional product, you don’t want to be hypocritically scraping the bottom of the oil barrel.   Litter your landscape with a biodegradable corn promo that will fill up business, not your local landfill.


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