Celebrate National Nutrition Month with Health-Inspired Promotional Products

Does your organization promote healthy eating, exercise and an overall healthful approach to life? If so, then you are probably aware that March is National Nutrition Month. In an effort to inspire healthy eating in all age groups, races and genders, National Nutrition Month reminds us that we can take control of our health by considering how important nutrition is to every aspect of our life.

Several years ago the National Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics started National Nutrition Month to inspire healthy eating combined with regular exercise to make Americans healthier and happier. Each year features a different theme that is intended to inspire regular eating habits that are both nutritious and delicious. This year the theme is “Get Your Plate in Shape.” By understanding how different proportions of food can affect your diet and health, the NAND hopes to instill healthy habits in children as well as in adults.

So how do you get your customers/clients excited about National Nutrition Month? Give them promotional goodies that will help them get back on track. Below are a few ideas that can lead to healthy eating habits and happier clients:

Salad Container: Every knows that salads are a great way to get your daily dose of veggies. But bringing salads to work and on-the-go can be a hassle. That is, until you realize that you can use a special salad container like the Salad to Go Storage Container with Salad Dressing Holder. This handy container makes it easy to bring your favorite salads with your wherever you go. This unique container allows you to separate the different parts of your salad, keeping everything crisp and fresh until you are ready for lunch.

Nutrition Guide: Sometimes you just forget how much of certain food groups you are supposed to consume on a daily basis. Make eating healthy easier for your clients by giving them a nutrition guide book. This handy book features helpful tips about eating, what foods to stay away from and ideas for healthy recipes.

Nutrition and Exercise Journal: Once you understand how to eat better, doctors recommend keeping a journal to stay on track. By writing down what you eat on a daily basis, it is easy to see how your diet influences your weight loss and overall health. This journal includes a section for fitness notes as well, allowing you to mix up your workouts and keep you on track for your overall fitness goals.

Kitchen Scale: In order to control how much you eat, you need to measure just how much food goes into your body. You can control your diet by using this handy promotional kitchen scale. You can use it to measure just about any food products you can whip up in your kitchen. This is ideal for those customers who are serious about getting their plate into shape.

Are you ready to take your nutrition to a whole new level? If so, start searching our vast inventory of health-themed promotional products to help your clients/customers/employees whip their own diets into shape.

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