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The first day of Spring is here! You feel it in the air. There’s the extra pep in your step. And if you’re like us, you’re excited to get the best spring promo items! Spring is a great time to get outside, celebrate earth day, and work in some extra brand exposure while you’re doing… Read Article →

Consider Our Veritable Cornucopia of Guilt Free Biodegradable Plastic Promotions Bend your husked ears to this startling figure- packaging alone requires 200,000 barrels of oil a day in the US.  Promotional items undoubtedly figure into this corporate catastrophe–consider all the poly bags that your promotional items are packaged in, and the amount of petroleum funneling… Read Article →

Relax your Lungs at Work With Nature’s Air Filters You can create a more healthful environment with custom logo potted plants or promotional flowers or trees. What’s the best way to drag a dungeon-like workspace out of the dark recesses of the land of cubicles?  Possibly, it’s plants.  A recently released study at Texas A… Read Article →

Corporate America’s focus for 2008 will continue to be about protecting the environment, conservation, and “going green”. The promotional products industry has jumped onto the bandwagon in supplying a wide range of environmentally correct promotional products. With several of the world’s most prominent issues being global warming, the energy crisis, and sustainable resources, each company… Read Article →

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