Bundle Up and Take Part in International Snowman Day

Now that winter is in full swing, especially here in Chicago, we are happy to celebrate International Snowman Day. There is nothing quite like pulling on a warm scarf, grabbing your warmest pair of gloves and building a snowman from scratch. So how do you build a snowman?

The classic snowman is made of three snow balls of increasing size stacked on top of each other. The top ball features a carrot nose, two coal eyes, a hat and a scarf to keep warm. Two long branches make for arms while several stones keep the snowman (or snow woman!) all buttoned up for the winter.

If you live somewhere warm that never sees snow, you can still enjoy International Snowman Day by treating yourself to a frosty gift. Have some fun with the Pop Top Snowman Pen , squeeze out your worries with this adorable stress reliever or light up the night with this uniquely shaped flashlight. A snowman-shaped promotional product is just what you need to put a smile on your customers’ faces while providing them with a neat reminder of your commitment to service.


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