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As the year draws to an end, it is time to take stock and review what happened in 2011. With thousands of orders to sift through, this year has certainly been a busy one for the promotional products industry. We helped our customers order everything from bouncy balls and yo-yo to crystal vases and the… Read Article →

Did you know that December 14th is Monkey Day? What, you don’t have that marked in red on your calendar? Okay, we will let that one slide. But if you had a certain craving for bananas this morning, felt like being a little silly and maybe swinging from vines, you can blame Monkey Day. This… Read Article →

At the start of any new marketing campaign, one of the most important questions you will have to answer is how much you intend to spend. Sure, everyone knows that you have to spend money to earn money when it comes to promoting your company. But you certainly do not want to break the bank… Read Article →

Does your business focus on customers of the four-legged variety? If your clients beg for treats, love to have their bellies rubbed and wag their tails with joy, they are probably dragging around a human or two as well. Despite a lagging economy, the pet industry has managed to weather the storm and turn into… Read Article →

Beep, beep, beep! Bradley Promotion rolls over and turns off the  alarm clock. He glances at the large screen and notices the temperature. “Honey, looks like it is going to be chilly out today. The clock says 32 degrees right now.”

If you could sum up your company in just one shape, what would it be? For some people, this is an easy task. Say, for example, a teacher. What represents a teacher more than the quintessential apple? Of course, that same apple could be used for a doctor (you know the old adage), a nutritionist… Read Article →

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