Add “Pizzazz” with Metallic Shopping Bags


The new marketing buzzword is pizzazz. Whether on the trade show floor, or upscale mall, a custom logo metallic shopping bag is a sure way to add pizzazz to your marketing image. The introduction of metallic shopping bags has gotten the attention of major retailers, who view their store’s shopping bags as walking billboards of their logo. And the best part of these logo bags is that there kept, and re-used, almost like a tote bag. The bags feature a reinforced bottom gusset area, and double sealed handles to insure maximum durability and service.

Precious metal promotional shopping bags come in 3 traditional sizes, and may be printed with the exact pms colors of your logo. Identity Links is proud to be the first-to-market with the metallic bags, and pledge to continue bringing our clients the newest, boldest, and creative promotional ideas.

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