The first day of Spring is here! You feel it in the air. There’s the extra pep in your step. And if you’re like us, you’re excited to get the best spring promo items! Spring is a great time to get outside, celebrate earth day, and work in some extra brand exposure while you’re doing… Read Article →

Happy New Year! Now that 2013 is officially here, you have likely started reviewing your list of goals and resolutions. There is a shiny new year ahead, ripe with opportunity to accomplish your goals and achieve your dreams. However, you will need some important tools to stay on track and find success in 2013. According… Read Article →

When you run a business, you have to think of every aspect, from paying the power bill to keeping your customers happy. That is why you may question spending another dime on something that you will have to give away, like promotional products. Of course, it is easy for us here at Identity Links to… Read Article →

Can you believe that it is already winter? Fall went by in a blur, leaving us surprised when we had to reach for our heavy coats and gloves.¬† Since Identity Links is located in Niles, IL, just a short drive from Chicago, you can imagine that we have learned to prepare ourselves for the coldest… Read Article →

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