Weepuls – The Polyester Fluff Promotion From Another Planet


Everything You Need to Know About the Promotional Craze that’s Been Sweeping the Industry for 30 Straight Years

The first matter of business when discussing weepuls is of course- what are they?  Colored Fuzzballs with googly eyes and adhesive vinyl webbed feet.  You’re almost guaranteed to have seen one, since the current generation spends the better part of any profession or schooling in front of a computer, and the weepul’s favorite nesting place is on top of a computer monitor.  They go by the aliases “wuppie” in the Netherlands and Europe, and some say they started as a marketing gimmick of the earlier part of the 1970s under the designation “weeple.”  Simply because he can, a promotional honcho at Bipo in Oklahoma City lays claim to the little creatures saying he started selling them in 1979.  Other students of the retro age remember otherwise, that the weepuls were used as school fundraising rewards during the earlier part of the decade, and once you reached a certain number of miniature weepuls, one could exchange it for a gigantic weepul the size of a football.  Still, whether having a humongous weepul perched on the dashboard of your live-in van was considered cool is still hotly debated.

A 70’s genesis makes perfect sense, since this was also the age of the felt-friendly Muppets, Sesame Street and the Mayor McCheese commercials—if you put a weepul through the wash it looks like you’ve clubbed a muppet to death. (which is not something to be proud of).  They also look like they only could have been spawned during the dawn of the glue gun, and anyone who’s been to a craft store can tell you, the materials of a weepul are hardly scarce.  Colored balls of fuzz, stick-on feet, googly eyes and optional antennae can be found in any preschool classroom.  Coincidence or conspiracy?  Say that preschool children across the country were part of a weepul construction labor ring.  Would you still buy them?  Of course.  Because they’re adorable. (the weepuls, not the preschool children.  Though I’m sure you can buy them too.)

Let’s consider why weepuls are always found on top of desktop computer monitors—its not because they’re trying to keep their polyester fluff warm, desktop promotional weepuls are integral to representing service providers like consultants or computer programmers who don’t create a specific object.  And when they provide their service, they don’t exactly want to limit themselves by pointing to any one thing, just like a fix-it man doesn’t want to market their abilities with just a picture of a wrench or a giveaway keychain of a hammer.   Similarly, a computer programmer or computer diagnostic service would be smart to keep their promotion from using too much confusing computer jargon like “memory ram a lam a ding dong” or “gHz cardbus” Instead, a computer programmer, computer repair, or IT consultant can simplify their selling point into a custom weepul wearing glasses, or a promotional weepul with a custom ribbon message like, “we understand your computer, so you don’t have to.”  Once they’ve finished the repair on the device, they can easily tag the finished hardware with sticky weepul as a reminder.  Some other i.t. weepuls include: computer virus weepul,  CD memory weepul, keyboard weepul, and much more.

A weepul promotion sadly isn’t right for everyone.  For instance, if you’re an injury lawyer who wants to be taken seriously, you might prefer something more tactful than a weepul with crutches.  However, Identity-Links has your bases covered for nearly every other branding assignment your marketing director gets burdened with.  A safety program weepul will infuse some fun into a kid’s educational program, like with this buckle up safety weepul. Sports themed weepuls, including basketball weepuls, soccer weepuls, football weepuls and tennis weepuls come in two different styles, one with custom adhesive ball-shaped bottoms ,  and another with the fan accessory weepul holding the ball of their sport.  We also have occasion weepuls for events such as Christmas, Easter, and Birthday weepuls, New Years Weepuls, which of course prompts the mention of the PSA Don’t Drink and Drive Weepuls.  We also have Mascot Wepuls to brand your sports team for a custom, cost effective giveaway: alligator weepuls, bear weepuls, dog weepuls, bull weepuls, etc.

With a competitive selection that teleports more weepuls from their home planet than we realistically have work visas for, we have tons of custom promotional weepuls to fit your marketing effort.  Put a custom promotional weepul on one of your customer’s desktops and watch your sales go from weak to weepulant.

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