Watch Your Customer Base Grow with Seeded Promotional Products

The key to both maintaining your current client base and increasing it is by running promotional campaigns that captivate your clients. While there are times that you want to rely on your standard promos like imprinted pens, custom shaped magnets and business cards, you should mix up your promotional strategy at least once a year. As more and more people are turning to eco-friendly options for shopping, cleaning, dining and even promoting, your customers are more likely to appreciate promotional products like seeded paper and seed packets.

Promotional seeded paper products are one of our most popular items so far this year. Never heard of seeded paper before? The concept is both unique and useful. Take, for example, our Wildflower Seed Bookmarks. These marketing tools give you two products in one: a bookmark that features your company logo and a small seeded flower. Simply plant this flower into your garden or a pot in your home and water it regularly. Flowers will start to grow in no time, beautiful specimens that will remind your customers just how thoughtful and creative your company can be.

We offer a variety of seeded products that will accommodate nearly every marketing and promotional need. There are dozens of greeting cards, including holiday and gift card versions, all of which can be designed to best represent your company’s logo and/or message. Not only can you plant a portion of the greeting card, but the rest of the card and the envelope as well is recyclable. If you aren’t sure where to begin, take a look at our Custom Imprinted Seed Paper Greeting Cards to start customizing your own. You can also find invitations and announcements in this category as well.

While seeded products are popular, seed packets are another great idea for eco-friendly promotions. Small and slim, you can include one or multiple imprinted seed packets in your next mailer campaign, hand them out at garden centers or sell them at fundraisers. There are dozens of options when it comes to promotional seeded packets: wildflowers, butterfly mix, California poppy, zinnias, marigolds and so much more. Of course, there are packets that will help your vegetable, fruit and herb gardens grow as well, such as the packets for lettuce, chives, basil and watermelon.

Of course, if you really wanted to make an impact during your next promotional campaign, you could give customers the tools they need to use promotional seed packets properly. Check out our garden section to find promotional trowels, watering cans, rakes and tote bags to keep everything organized. If your customers are more urban than surburban, consider a seed packet with mini terracotta pot which can be kept at home or the office. Just about everyone can appreciate fresh greens and flowers, making seeded products, seed packets and seed/pot combos ideal for nearly everyone on your client list.

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