Smile Brighter with These Promotional Products During National Dental Hygienist Week

Did you know that this week marks the national celebration of Dental Hygienist Week? Thanks to the hardworking hygienists who work in dental clinics across the country, our teeth are looking brighter, shinier and healthier than ever before. Want to impress your hygienist this year? Opt for these promotional products that are certain to give you the best smile you’ve had in years:

Battery Operated Toothbrush: Nothing makes your teeth feel cleaner than using a toothbrush that hums and beeps when you use it. This promotional battery-operated toothbrush comes in a variety of colors that are certain to wow your clients.  Comes with a protective lid so that you have no excuse not to bring your new toothbrush with you wherever you go.

Toothpaste Tube Squeezer: Get the most out of your super-expensive, high-quality toothpaste with a promotional toothpaste tube squeezer. Just slip this nifty device over nearly any tube of toothpaste and start squeezing! Your toothpaste will last longer and even save you a little money.

Floss Keychain: Can’t stand carrying your lunch around…in your teeth? This promotional floss keychain is just what you need. Just attach it to your regular key ring and you will have days worth of floss to use on the go. Recommended by 10 out of 10 dentists in our imaginary survey.

Toothpick Keychain: If you just don’t feel like whipping out a line of floss and going to town, try the more discrete option of toothpicks. Each promotional keychain features dental picks in a capsule-shaped key tag.

Travel Dental Kit: Don’t feel like dragging your big toothbrush and tube of toothpaste around all day? We don’t blame you. That is why this promotional travel kit is so neat. It includes a mini toothbrush, mini toothpaste and two packets of chapstick that you can carry in your purse, briefcase or suitcase.

Coloring Book: Inspire good habits young with this promotional coloring book dedicated to visiting the dentist. Your kids will love reading/coloring it, and you might even get over your own fear of that scary guy in the white coat too. Pair them with dental-themed crayons and your kids will be raring to go the next time they visit the dentist.


With all of the useful promotional items in hand, you are certain to get a big smile out of your dental hygienist and your dentist during your next visit.

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