Scoop Up New Customers With This Unique Promotional Giveaway

Does your business focus on customers of the four-legged variety? If your clients beg for treats, love to have their bellies rubbed and wag their tails with joy, they are probably dragging around a human or two as well. Despite a lagging economy, the pet industry has managed to weather the storm and turn into a multi-billion dollar industry. According to the U.S. Pet Market Outlook 2011-2012, the pet industry is expected to rise and rise. By 2015 financial experts predict that it could become a $74 billion industry.

So what are you doing to snag your customers?

In this burgeoning field, you need to attract potential clients and keep existing ones by reminding them how important your services are to their four-legged friends. As with any marketing tool, you want to give your clients something that they will use on a regular basis, an item that displays your logo each and every time they reach for it. Sure, your customers already have dog leashes, water bowls and dog tags, but what they may not have enough of are poop bags.


All dog owners need them but poop bags just aren’t as much fun to buy as a new collar or dog bed. Yet sometimes the best promotional gifts are the ones that your customers wouldn’t think to buy for themselves. Rather than give out another dog-shaped magnet or pen, try a marketing tool that your customers will not only use, but truly appreciate. Most pet owners these days can be seen walking around with a doggie bag dispenser hanging from the leash. You can buy a bone-shaped dispenser for under a dollar that is a breeze to use. Holders like these normally come pre-packaged with at least ten doggie poop bags but you can easily refill them at any pet store. If you are an environmentally-friendly pet owner, than you will love the option of biodegradable pet bags as well.

With towns and cities across the country really cracking down on dog owners, it is important to always have some poop bags handy when going for a walk. In some places like Chicago and New York you can actually get fined for not picking up your dog’s waste! Even if there are no fines in your town, picking up poop is all part of being a responsible dog owner. With more and more people traveling with their pets, hotels have started to offer one-time use poop removal kits. Kits like these often include plastic bags and cardboard shovels that allow you to clean up after your dog even when you are not at home.

Encourage your customers to engage in friendly dog walking practices by offering them a handy poop bag carrier. With so many shapes and colors to choose from, there is at least one that will represent your business well. Just clip the bag onto your purse, belt loop or leash the next time you take Fido, Sparkles, Spot or Bruce out for a walk. See how easy it is? Your customers will also appreciate the handy tool that helps them enjoy each and every walk with their favorite four-legged friends.

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