Retro is Back in a New, Hip Way: Why You Should Look to the Past for Future Promotional Products

These days all you hear are new ways of how you should be branding your company. Most of them rely on the latest technologies, the newest products that are supposed to dazzle and wow your customers. But what is the real point of promotional goods? Not just marketing your company, but actually connecting with your customers. By showing you know not just what they need but what they like, your customers will return to you time and again. That is why nostalgia is so hot right now. Who doesn’t like to think back to the good old days?

Vintage and retro-inspired goods are making a hit these days among customers of all age groups. While not everyone is into buying actual vintage items, you can now find promotional goods that look like they should have come from the back corner of a thrift shop but are brand new. Look at, for example, the Vintage Flip-Style Desktop Clock. While they may have five or even ten digital clocks scattered around the house or office, your customers will look at this clock and remember back to when analog was their only option.

Although they may not admit it, many of your customers appreciate those gifts that allow them to appeal to their inner child. And what better way to do that then with the Old Fashioned Desktop Gumball Machine? Small enough to fit on your desk but large enough to hold plenty of gumballs, it will be impossible for your customers to not associate your company with the sweet, innocent goodness of a gumball. If you really want to commit to the retro theme, the Retro Style Lunchbox and Thermos is cooler than cool. This nifty set doesn’t just look cool, it is actually functional too. Bringing lunch to work hasn’t been this fun in years!

No matter what age your customer base is comprised of, just about everyone can appreciate the innate coolness of the Desktop Speaker and Microphone. Shaped just like the microphones used in the olden days of radio, this gadget will actually record your voice and also functions as a speaker. Just hook it up to your computer and listen to your favorite tunes all day long at work. If you have a serious budget for promotional items or a customer that you really want to impress, the Retro Vending Machine Style Can Cooler. This is not your average marketing tool but you are not the average company, right? Styled just like an old-school vending machine, each unit keeps five cans of your favorite beverage at the optimal drinking temperature.

Take a moment to think about your client base. Would your customers prefer a funky lava lamp or phonograph AM/FM radio? Trust us when we say that your customers will not only appreciate the extra thought you put into their promotional gift, but will rave about it to their friends and family as well. When it comes to stepping up your marketing plan, stick to something simple but that makes a statement, like retro promotional goods.

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