The Cream of the Health Care Crest- National Nurses Week 2009

Nation Nurse Week 2009

Nurses are in high demand.  The U.S. Department of Labor expects employment of these warriors in white to expand 23% between now and the year 2016.  With such numbers in their favor, one might expect nurses to be treated like the cream of the health care crest.  Yet, all too often they are taken for granted, perhaps because at a quota of an astonishing 3 million, they are also the world’s largest health care occupation.  That’s why Identity-Links is calling health care employers to task.  It’s time we annihilate the affliction known as “nurse unawareness” affecting the unappreciative hearts of doctors and patients alike.  Use “National Nurses Week” to give your nurses a memorable gift that will virtually cleanse scrub the bile out of their scrubs and make them forget the daily dalliances of their hospital’s understaffed scuffle.

If you’re looking for or lacking ideas this National Nurses Week (also known as Nurse Appreciation Week), Identity-Links can sympathize.  We don’t just have a wide host of promotional squishy stress relievers in every imaginable size, but spa-style stress relievers as well. These stress-relieving elixirs, whether they’re massage oils, bath kits, or aromatherapy reed diffusers, are essential for washing out the scent of that hand sanitizer or iodine for shots.  Until they get your doctor’s and nurses’ cleaning stations to smell less like embalming fluid, giving one’s nurse a breath of fresh air is absolutely essential.  A promotional spa kit, promotional reed diffuser, or perhaps a promotional aromatherapy gift will be a welcome offering, with hidden wealth for your marketing team.

Sooner than later, there will be a great deal more nurses to appreciate, and those doing the recognizing better be on top of their game. In Massachusetts, where health care is required by law for absolutely everyone, hospitals scramble to keep up.  The amount of children and poor with health insurance are bound to mushroom; hospitals will undoubtedly stumble at first but then catch wind and demand more nurses.  Some nurses may lose their jobs in the shuffle.  In the meanwhile, the unreasonably large generation known as Baby Boomers are scrambling to get their 401k’s and finances lined up for retirement, and in a much larger sense than any appreciation week, preparing to meet their “reward”.  Hospitals and private practices are going to need to come to terms fast with the health insurance agents who will pay handsomely for such widespread coverage, considering these troublesome Baby Boomers that are exploding in waiting rooms across the country.  The result? Nurses, by necessity, will be “at a premium”.

Johnson and Johnson have even begun a $20 million dollar campaign to encourage more young people to be nurses.  That number is a bit of a smack in the face when compared to a nurse’s starting salary of $52,000 a year, and salary increases which depends on costly furthered education.   And despite the aforementioned 23% increase of nurse jobs, further estimates reveal that there will be 400,000 fewer nurses than actually needed in 2020 in the US—truly a testament to their being overworked and underpaid.  While they are certainly sought after, they are slipping faster than the amount of college graduates teaching in inner-city schools; we should all let our Dangerous Minds cross over this astonishing figure: the loss rate of nurses slipped sevenfold between 1996 and 2000, and that was in a time of relative economic prosperity.  Like inner city teachers, they burn out and fade away.  They don’t start out with youthful naivety to keep them warm either, the average starting age for any nurse is a world-wearied 33.  That 3 million figure of the supposed “largest health care occupation” is slipping fast.

With these numbers in mind, the real solution is clear.  We average citizens must rise to the task and squash “nurse unawareness”.   Acknowledge the wide range within the field of nursing- nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, nurse anesthesiologists, family nurse practitioners, nurses with a specialty in emergency medicine, and that list doesn’t even scrape the surface of the pool of nursing assistants.  Let us shower nurses with gifts this Nurse Appreciation Week.

We at Identity-Links have put together a definitive list with unisex appear for the female and male nurse. In our newly minted “National Nurses Week 2009” category, we’ve gathered together stock nurse appreciation week bags and notepads, promotional handheld sudoku games, promotional talking pedometers, and many other items that tout your nurse as the brilliant medical nurturers they are. However noxious the circumstances of the nauseated, overworked medical community, the promotional Nurses’s Appreciation Week gift you give will show you’re no novice at noticing a notable nurse.  Identity-Links has appreciative gifts in the 2 dollar range, 5 dollar range, 10 dollar range, and the 20 dollar range for those nurses who really take their call of duty a step above and beyond.  Promotional gifts for home are available, such as a promotional and equally nutritional kitchen scale.

Additionally, we have deluxe work gifts, such as this dry erase marker set, which nurses can use to adjust their work schedule on the break room nurse’s dry erase wall.  Help those nurses working overtime at an understaffed joint gain some peace and serenity with any number of our stress relieving promotional gifts, such as these chime wrist relax balls, or this mini tranquility fountain – a lot more calming than any IV drip.  Finally, if you just want to give your nurses some fun and games to boost company morale, a desktop dart game or goofy medical badge holder could do the trick.

Remember, within National Nurses week, May 8 is Student Nurse Day and Wednesday within this week is National School Nurse Day, so those poor souls can be appreciated for all the students who fake sick to get out of gym class every single day. This year’s National Nurses Week, May 6-12 2009, give your nurse something more exciting than a clean pair of scrubs and a rounds check-sheet.  Give him or her the admiration they deserve!

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